Wat Marp Jan Kathina 2019 – Sunday, October 20th

Join us on Sunday, October 20th, for the Kathina, a traditional ceremony in which the laity and monastics join together in a celebration of community. Established in the time of the Buddha, the Kathina allows lay supporters to express their appreciation for the sangha by making offerings of cloth and other requisites to monks who spent the three-months rains retreat at the monastery. Traditionally, the monks sew the offered cloth into a robe that day and gift it to an honored member of their community. A morning of meditation, teachings, and celebration will begin at 6:45 am with the monks walking for alms in front of the monastery, and finish around noon after a Dhamma talk and the traditional robe offering. We hope to see you!

Latest Reflection

The Way to Happiness

For true happiness, you need to sacrifice; you must learn how to give and cultivate kindness and compassion. In loving others, you will gain love back. The greatest sacrifices bring the greatest joy.


Featured Video

Ajahn Chah Memorial

A video of the annual Ajahn Chah memorial at Wat Nong Pah Pong and recorded dhamma talk given by Ajahn Anan Akincano on the night of January 16, 2016 in front of the hospital kuti where Venerable Luang Pu Chah stayed during the final years of his life.