Online Evening Dhamma Sessions (via Zoom)


You are invited to join Ajahn Anan and the monastic sangha at Wat Marp Jan as we gather together every night to chant, meditate and listen to the Dhamma. These sessions are streamed live via the Zoom app. In order to join, you will need to fill out a registration form in the links below. There is a change in the format for Friday nights as well as a separate registration link.

Friday Evenings

The evening chanting starts at 7pm Bangkok time (GMT + 07:00hrs). This is followed by a Dhamma talk by Ajahn Anan in both Thai and English, then a question and answer session, finishing with a blessing by the sangha.

If you wish to join with your webcam, you may press the ‘Raise Hand’ button at the start of the session and your video will be visible. You are welcome to ask questions by either typing your question in using the ‘Q&A’ button or, if you are sharing your video, by raising your hand and asking through your microphone.

Click here to register for Friday evenings Zoom access.

Saturday to Thursday Evenings

The evening chanting starts at 7:15pm Bangkok time (GMT+7:00), followed by a Dhamma talk in Thai by Ajahn Anan and an English translation. Afterward, we practice meditation together until the closing homage at 9pm.

Click here to register for Saturday to Thursday evenings Zoom access.

*Please note that there’s a security requirement to refresh Zoom access link every 3 months. The system will notify you to register again when your Zoom’s link is expired.


The words for the chanting are displayed on the screen in both Pāli and English. If you wish to follow using a chanting book, it can be downloaded here:

Wat Marp Jan Pali-English Chanting Book


If you have any questions about the online sessions, or are running into any problems, you are welcome to send an email to: